Wilton Course 1 – Class 3

February 3, 2009 § Leave a comment

Class 3 last night!  It went slightly better than last week.  I tried a new cake recipe, which tasted better than the Wilton recipe I made before.  I filled it with strawberry filling I purchased at Vanilla Bean.  I iced it with the Class Buttercream Icing, but I clearly didn’t make it thin enough because it was somewhat difficult to spread and I still didn’t have enough!!  

On the upside, I was able to decorate most of my cake in class.  My medium consistency turned out really well.  I had a difficult time practicing the center petal on the Wilton Rose, but everything else was relatively easy.  Again, I stuck with the book and did the Clown Cake:

clown cake


clown cake 2

I put my clowns on my cake and my teacher says, “Aw, baby clowns!”  Ha!  I guess they are a little disproportionate.  They do have little baby bodies.  I think it makes them look more cute and less creepy, though.  

Next week we learn the whole Wilton Rose, sweet peas and leaves.  I’m not sure yet what cake I’ll do.  The one major problem I’m having is that I can’t stand the taste of the Class Buttercream.  It is just like eating straight sugar.  It’s too sweet!!!  I need to try something else just to ice the cake.  Hmmm…


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